Our purpose is to make a good school a great school

Little Friends School has a long-standing reputation for delivering effective teaching and learning and shaping the leaders of tomorrow. The school boasts of an impressive alumnus.

  • We maintain a strong school system that earns the respect of the community for the quality of the education it offers.
  • Our school to provides a safe and welcoming environment with programs that challenge and engage their students.
  • Every teacher is guided to be an effective teacher; We want our teachers and support staff to have access to the support they need to attain the targets set before them.
  • Our focus is on student achievement: success for all.
  • Teachers’ attention is focused on the standards of achievement expected of students and on monitoring the progress of students towards those standards.

Little Friends School continues to strive to create a positive and welcoming school community and form a constructive and important part of its students’ development into successful adults. It is a good school that strives to be a great school. Little Friends School aims to make a difference to its students. On leaving the school they will be able to reflect on their learning journey and affirm with pride “I am a pass out of Little Friends School – a place of learning excellence.